Galv's Thoughts - Busy Busy Busy
Lots of RL stuff happening lately - including but not limited to mother-in-law in a car accident - so I've had a few days break from plugins. She will be fine but my lovely wife and I have been looking after her and doing everything we can while she heals up.

On the plugin front, I've been fixing bugs and also doing commissions for several people - including battle plugin modifications for a friend who is working on a fantastic looking game that I am eager to share with you all once he's ready to do so.

I've been slowly progressing on the Invader Mini Game, hopefully soon I can release an alpha for people to test and give feedback on how much lag they can get. Not gonna sugar-coat it, the alpha might be difficult to use for some because currently adding new data requires a little Javascript know-how.

When I release the complete plugin, though, I plan to have an app that allows users to create their mini game objects/levels with a graphic interface. That's still a ways away, yet.

I'm still waiting for the RPG Maker MV updates that address the current memory leak issues so I know how to plug any in my own plugins. That should be much fun!

Hope everyone's project is coming along nicely. Keep at it!

- Galv