Galytorians- Peasant Class
  Galytorians are my own species. Their facial structure is loosely based  off that of a french bull terrier. They are citizens of the kingdom of  Galytor and you are free to create your characters own backstory/career  that fits the class of your Galytorian. The Peasant class Galytorians  reside mostly in the outermost regions of the kingdom. Peasant  Galytorians are open to  anyone to create. (Following the class guidelines. ex: All Peasant Galytorians have shorter, downwards facing ears, never raised) Higher class Galytorians will be  available for sale, while there are exclusive Galytorians open only to  Patrons! Available classes: (These are already sketched and fully  planned out, just need to finish the character art to go with them. So  they will be coming soon!) 
  • Peasant class- Open to all

Shorter ears, shorter tails, large 4 toed feet, 3 fingers and a thumb. May have hair on top of hair on top of head and along the underside of their tails. They may have small subsistence farms, or hunt and gather for themselves and their family. The live in small villages or alone in the outermost parts of the kingdom. 

  • Common wealth- Open to all

The common class Galytorians reside mostly near the palace walls in villages. They may also have shops in marketplaces within the walls.  

  • High Class Citizens- Open to patrons, Sale to public

Frilled ears (still hang back and down)Manes around their necks. Males may have facial hair.Tufts on arms and legs and a large portion of the tail.Smaller hands and feet.Usually wear a lot of jewelry and gaudy attire to display their status.They may be large plantation owners, Successful invetors, tax collectors,Officers and detectives, medical workers.They may employ peasant class or common class for various jobs.Their butlers would be common wealth type galytoreans. 

  • "Bastard" Warriors- Open to patrons, Sale to public. 

Smaller than super warriors. Females 5-6ft Males 6-7ftLacking nictitating membraneMay have slightly smaller hands and feetBorn with longer ears, however if chosen for warrior training the ears are cropped.Short horns. Bastard warriors are offspring of warrior x peasant/common citizens

  • Super warriors- Open to patrons

Born with naturally short ears. Eyes have a second lense (nictitating membrane)that is drawn over the eye to moisten it and protect it, while still maintaining visibility in harsh environments.Feet and hands much larger. Short, sleek furred taileds, lacking any mane or tuft. Will have sleek fur all over body, aside from hair. Most warriors maintain a mohawk or ponytail.Long, sharp pointed horns. Slight webbing between toes. Females average 6.5-7ft. Males average 7.5-8.5ft tall.

  • Guardians and Sentries- Open to $10+ Patrons, with Occasional events for others to have a chance to purchase one. 

Guardian and Sentries are high class, Magic Galytorians. While some may go into battle with warriors, most are designated to protect the palace and kingdom.Males have medium length horns- Age indicated by number of tines. Hair roots to their mid back but may be styled however. Long tufts at the bottom portion of tail. Dragon-like wings.Magic usually deals with Fire or curses. Females have short spiked horns, manes root to the base of the neck but may be styled long or short.Thick fluff around lower legs, Feathered wings.Magic usually deals with healing, Earth, or weather/lightning.

  • Cysriuani- Exclusive to $20+ Patrons

A high council made up of priests and priestesses, who are said to have the ability to predict the futureand decode prophecies. They meet with the king and leaders of the warrior clans to reveal their visions and sway the outcomesof battles in the favor of the Galytorians. Farmers also bring them offerings to receive blessings for their lands and animals to be bountiful.The Cysriuani live in a large temple near the palace grounds.Males have large, velvety antlers, usually adorned with jewelry or ribbons. Hair roots all the way to the base of the neck. They have long pointed ears that hang nearlyto their elbows. Their lower arms are heavily furred and they have humanoid hands. They have large 3 toed feet, and their lower legs are heavily furred. Their tails are long and heavily furred as well. Females do not have antlers, and their ears hang nearly to their waist, ears are wide and rounded.

  • Royal Butler- Only ONE available, and one of his kind. He's the only Galytorian with upright ears, and a very cute character. Price to be determined.