Gambles Of A Chase
"Huff Huff Huff Huff... Makoto! Get out of here! I'll lose them while you go help the kids and their parents! I'll see you at the base!" After a big rescue operation, Ian and Makoto were running for their lives to get the kids to a safe area. Things were going smoothly though, especially since a lot of the kids were winged and had a knack for flying. With that, Makoto and the kids were able to get out. Now it was up to Ian to get loss, and boy was that going to be fun. "Hey chickenwusses! Catch me if you can!" With a sly grin, the top hat wearing boy rushed ahead at full speed, leaving his tailers in the dust. "Errr... No way are we going let you punks get away! Everyone, After Them!!", Shouted the head goon. Putting up a hussle, they put their legs in the next gear. Even though it wasn't enough to catch up with Ian. After a bit of running, Ian stopped and climbed up to a hanging pipe, getting his cards in his hands. "Hehehe~ Let's see... Which cards should I use~?", the mischievous boy sang as he browsed his cards. His attention took heed of a blue diamond card and a green club card, hatching a fun little plan in his mind. It was time to release a tidal wave. The goons, tired and out of breath, they started watching out for Ian's trail. Any noise, movement, or action was a big enough intention for them to attack. Ant that was just the kind of thing Ian needed. Landing behind the goons, Ian stood there in grace, his hat being covered. His eyes. The goons took heed of the sound and started rushing for him. "For enemies like you to act like big shots...", He started saying as he pulled out a white queen from his deck. "It's that very attitude that will get you to the bottom of the game." Ian held up a hand after throwing that card in front of them, his grin growing ever so gruesome. "For you see, The Gambles Of A Chase are simple. You either win it all... Or be mauled in your own chase." With a snap, a bright flash of light emanated from the card, stopping the goons' assault due to blindness. Ian rushed into action, kicking one of them unconscious at the start. "Never underestimate Lady Luck's Gambit!" When head goon regained his sight, the first thing he's seeing is his henchmen falling one by one to the ground. "Rawr! You idiots! Grab him and beat him down!", they command, taking a trash can and throwing it at full force. "Whoa! Hold up guys! I don't do close contact with big smelly guys!", He remarks with a dodge, making the trash can his one of the other goons. "Then again, I could use a new experience with the other side. I've met so many beautiful girls and would love to try a nice guy." Spinning, Ian sent out his cards, creating a flurry of attacks as he controlled their movements. Multiple hits landed and the other goons started falling fast, leaving the leader as the last to stay up. With a halt, he gathered his cards and put all but two cards back in his pocket. "Then again, I wouldn't like the feelings coming from that. There a bit too forbidden for my taste. Oh well." "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! YOU WILL NOT MAKE A FOOL OF ME!!! I WILL GET YOU AND MAKE YOUR HEAD A TROPHY FOR MY WALL!!!!" "Hey, relax. There's nothing to be mad about." Ian thought a little bit before talking again. "Then again, getting your men taken down and looking like a total game is something to be mad about..." The head goon grinded his teeth, wanting to wring the tricky boy's neck for everything it's worth. Without thinking, he started charging for a punch. "Aw? You want some close contact? Fine by me! Let dance!" Ian started rushing forward, the two cards in his hand ready for combat. "Sorry! On second thought, I can't stay for so long! I got a date with some nice people tonight!" Until the last minute, Ian threw the red and blue cards in his hand and jump up to dodge the attack. The goon looked frustrated, looking up at Ian with fire in his eyes. "Until next time though, have a drink! It will cool you down!" With a snap, the two cards release their elements and causes a strong blast of water to knock him back. Ian laughs as the guy sees stars and tipped his hat to him. "Welp, it's time to go. I hope the kiddies treated bird boy well. Then again, he loves kids. I'm sure he's fine." With those words, Ian started rushing to Makoto and the kids locations, ready to tell the tale of his heroics.