The Game, concepts and gameplay
This post provides a broad description of the things we hope to achieve.

Consider the game a first-person role-playing survival simulation sandbox, with a massive focus on realistic simulation of the world and intuitive interaction with that world from the perspective of your character. The game classifies as mechanically driven, as opposed to story-driven.

Here is a list of the concepts we wish to include in our game.

Concepts and features

Procedurally Generated, Realistically Simulated World

  • Simulated ecosystem, water, plant-life, animals, day-night cycle, etc.
  • Fully Editable terrain, unleash your imagination and see your creations come to life

Imagine the creativity of Minecraft or even city builder type games where the world is designed to be changed over the course of the game.

 First-person Game-play

  • Interact with the world in an intuitive manner, shape it and create your own story.
  • Simulated-life span, create a dynasty and play as your successor.
  • Crafting system, develop technologies and advance through the ages

Imagine the freedom of Minecraft, WURM or Rust, combined with Crusader Kings 2, so first-person dynasty building with intuitive interaction with the game's environment.

Tribes, Societies and Civilizations. 

  • Simulated societal economics / development, see how your character impacts the economy of a society for better or for worse.
  • Simulated societal structures, such as monarchies, democracies, dictatorships, and whatever else we find interesting.
  • Interact with generated cultures and people in an RPG-style manner, make them friends or foes. 
  • Build your own civilization from the ground up.

Imagine Crusader Kings 2, but in first-person, where your character can play a role in all of the dynamics of a society.

Realistic Combat

  • Melee and ranged combat system, with consideration for damage types and armour.

We really enjoy the combat systems found in Mount & Blade, War of The Roses (RIP That game) and Of Kings and Men. So we plan on making something based around those games' combat systems implementation.

Current State of the Game

Now you might ask, what have we got so far?
So far we've got some prototype procedural terrain generation, water simulation and vegetation with placeholder graphics, the terrain shown in the pictures below is fully editable.

This image is around 1 year old taken from an in-game first person perspective, and shows a pretty wild mountain with some vegetation and and no "tile-type-mixing".

This image is from around a year and a half ago, it shows a few ponds of water and a terrain that has a a high degree of what we call "tile-type-mixing":

Here is a picture that I took today of some generated terrain, the vegetation spawn chance is determined by world-settings, and the fertility of the ground determined by the amount of water it contains. You can visually see what tiles are more fertile than other based on how dry they look.

Here is a link to the latest build of the first person version of the game:

Every time you start the game it will generate a world that you can explore,  you can edit the terrain run around and jump. Not much besides that. It requires firewall access because that we're gathering statistics and error reports for the game, so you can safely disallow access if you don't want that, it isn't going to affect the game.

The Near Future 

At the moment, we want to see if anyone is interested enough in helping us make the game. Not just monetarily, but if you found the idea of the game and its concepts interesting, and you'd like to join us you're more than welcome to contact us.  

The Team

We're a team of 4 people and we've all just finished our education as programmers, but none of us has any industry experience with game development, so as it stands we need a graphics generalist and an experienced game programmer. But the more the merrier, so if you'd like to contribute then please do contact us.

The lead developer of this project ends his contract with his current employer at the end of this month, and plans to focus on developing the game while he takes some extra courses that is required for a university study focused on game development.


As for what features we're currently working on we plan to continue working on making the procedurally generated terrain look better and have more variance, currently the terrain is a height field-terrain meaning that you can only change it's height, we're planning to make the terrain a proper vector-terrain so that you can also manipulate it's X and Z coordinates, since you cannot create closed tunnels in the game at the moment, after that we want to make the graphical water support more scenarios, currently we only generate water graphically if the water-data suggests that it can be generated as a flat plane, we'd graphically like to support water-falls, and other scenarios where the water-surface isn't flat, such as waves. But firstly we're going to do some project clean-up, since it has been developed on and off for some years.


If you have any questions about the game and features in specific. You're welcome to contact us. 

When we get an appropriate quantity of questions we will write a post where we'll share the answers to the questions we've received.

Join our Discord, if you have questions, want to discuss or just to stay tuned to the development on the game.

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