Game description
This is a brief description of what the game features at the moment in terms of mechanics.

Real time combat: you can engage on real time combat. For that you will only need to enter combat mode by pressing R on the keyboard or B on the XBox controller (circle on PS controller). An arrow showing where the player is facing will show on the character. To look arround on combat mode, you can use the mouse or the right stick of the controller. To attack you must have a weapon and press left click on the mouse or the right trigger on controller. You can also block incoming attacks by holding right click or the left trigger on controller. Bare in mind that blocking is directional such as the attacks, so pay attention to where you are looking at. Also, you can dodge attacks by dashing. To do so you have to be moving and press Left Shift on the keyboard or A on the XBox controller (X on PS controller). The dash will be made in the direction of your movement.

Change weapons: if you see a weapon on the floor you can pick it up. Doing so will automatically equip it and drop the previous weapon u had if any. Weapons show their name, description and main stat value if you look at them on the floor. To pick it up, make sure u are facing them (a pop-up with the weapon info should be visible) and press F on keyboard or X on XBox controller (square on PS controller). Different weapons have different attributes.

Pick up and use potions: through the game you will find potions that you will be able to use. At first you wont know what each potion does (looking at them on the floor will give you no info about them), but once you tested it, the next time you find one, you will know what it is for. To pick them up use F on keyboard or  X on XBox controller (square on PS controller) while looking at them. They will be added to your potion inventory at the top right of the screen. You can navigate through them by pressing Z and X on keyboard or the right and left shoulders on controller. To use the selected potion press Q on keyboard or Y on XBox controller (triangle on PS controller). The effect and duration of the potion will be shown on the left of the screen.

Types of weapon: right now there are 3 types of weapon, but the number will increase further on development. This weapons are the sword, the bow and the spear.

The sword: balanced speed and damage, but unables you to dash while attacking.

The spear: fast but low damage. You can dash while attacking with it.

Bow: slow to shoot but it's arrows are fast and deal a lot of damage.

Types of potions: for now there are only 2 types of potions ingame, and their appearance doesnt change from run to run.

Health potion: will heal you 25 points of life if consumed during the next 5 seconds.

Speed potion: will grant you speed of movement for the next 10 seconds if consumed.

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