Game Grumps animted + VIDEO LINK
Watch the Animated HERE!! (immature content warning XD)  

 ART by VickyViolet!   ANIMATION / EDITING by WolfLink64! 


WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE WE GOT IT DONE SO FAST. I thought this project was gonna take a month, but it only took us a week!! Well actually, it was mostly me taking a long time, because apparently drawing takes longer than editing/animating it together. "That took me like five seconds. I hardly did squat." Says my animator. XD Meanwhile, each panel I drew up took me roughly ten minutes each, depending on the detail of course? 

Been wanting to make a Game Grumps animated for years now, but it's always been out of my reach because I have little experience rendering/uploading videos. Oh and, I don't know... animating? I'm an artist, not an animator.  Also, if you've watched the video already, you may notice a variety of styles. Now you know. I like drawing really wacky faces. That is my dark secret.