Game Jam Postmortems #6 - Serenade of the Sirens

GameGirlJam was a game jam that ran from May 15th through May 31st. The rules and guidelines were simple, the game needs to have a female protagonist and also fit either gameboy, gameboy color, or gameboy advance stylistically. The game's native resolution had to be either 160 x 144 (GB/GBC) or 240 x 160 (GBA), and the color palette had to either be 2 bit greyscale (GB) or 15 bit (GBC and GBA). I chose to create a gameboy color like game. My previous two game jams were based around turn based mechanics, so for this one I really wanted to have a more action oriented game. So what came out of this was Serenade of the Sirens!

Musical Start

I felt an urge to do something different for this game jam. I've been thinking about how it would be to create a game based off of music ever since I came across Fenix Fire's game Source. The developer Brian Mcrae stated that he came up with the music first and used it as an inspiration when developing the game. So what better way to test something out than to experiment yourself? So I started with the music first! Doing this was actually more rewarding than I initially thought and I had a great time creating chiptune music. I made the level, menu, ending, and boss themes and exactly that order. The level theme was really the core inspiration thematically for this game and I felt that under the ocean would be the perfect setting for the music.

Game Conception

I wanted to make the game simple yet challenging, so I kept the game mechanics fairly simple (attack, movement, turbo movement). One thing that can be challenging to figure out when developing a game is if the game is too difficult for players? I became really good at playing Serenade of the Sirens while developing it and hopefully I didn't make it too challenging. I also didn't know how hard to make the boss fight, so I'm not sure if I kept that too simple or not.

What Could Have Been Better

What sticks out to me is that the art could have been better and cleaner. I would have like more variation in the level art and more decorative things to make the game more juicy. Also different backgrounds would have been nice as well. I would have like to have a better title screen too. I would say the artwork is the area I would like to see the most improvement in for my future games.


All in all, this was a great learning experience. This game jam ran for 2 weeks and I enjoyed that length as opposed to some of the shorter ones. In the future, I may aim at participating in longer ones like a month long game jam. I can easily say this has been the most enjoyable game dev cycle I have been apart of, but I usually feel that way after every game jam. If you want to check out Serenade of the Sirens, I have provided a link below!

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