Game Making in RPG Maker MV

As an update for long-term followers/lurkers, I've still been plugging-away at Zero Friction. Things continue to go well for the site and viewership has steadily climbed. The site is now 1 year old and I'm still looking for time and energy to find more writers to continue growing the site to the next steps.

I've also really enjoyed my RPG Maker MV Basics tutorial series and am continuing my RPG Maker journey into a tiny but fully-fledged game as I continue to learn(and show you as well) more about how to use RPG Maker MV and get the results we want.

You can follow me on Twitter and Zero Friction and here to keep up with my work. I will be waiting for good intervals to make update videos as well on my YouTube channel to show you how I accomplished my goals.


Just a heads-up about time and work-over-time I can get done. I work a full-time job outside of the home. It is very, very, very time-consuming. Many times it is Work, eat-at-work, sleep, go back to work, rinse and repeat. But I do find free-time -- and I think it's important to have "relaxing" free-time as well to recharge one's batteries(just relaxing with friends/family, watching a TV show or playing a game for one's own enjoyment.

But I do find lots of small moments to tinker in RPG Maker. This message window took me almost a week, while working a large chunk during a day off, and 20 minutes here, 5 minutes there over time until it is now almost done.

Next I'll be looking into menu-screen designs. I also have a graphical asset pack I'm looking at and will share more with links to the amazing artist in a future post.

Thanks for reading!