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A metroidvania that takes place on a massive research station located on an aquatic alien planet. Utilize the graceful agility and sure aim of your character Elona, as you fight through hordes of dark mutants emerging from the depths of the ocean. With less emphasis on back-tracking and more on tight cinematic action, Xenaqua immerses you in its beautiful sci-fi world and begs for its mysteries to be unraveled. What kind of top-secret research were they conducting here, and what is Elona's role in it all? What really exists at the bottom of the sea?

I would love to tell you this is a 2019 release, but I have to remind you that it's just a mock-up. But you never know. I've longed to make a sci-fi themed platformer since I first got into pixel art. I have a feeling you'll see a game like this from me at some point. At the least, we'll always have these mock-ups to day dream over.

Check out the patron exclusive WIP posts for more insight into the design and gameplay of Xenaqua.

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