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Game notes

Wasteland Groups.

Witnesses to the Wand

An order of religious fanatics who believe that the Apocalypse was God's purging of the old world to clear the way for the making of the new. Mostly made up of mutants and the mentally unstable. They believe that nuclear weapons and radiation are the tools that God is using to remake the world. They revere mutation, radioactive sites, psychics and above all nuclear weapons. Their most holy site is an ICBM silo with an un-launched clear missile inside that they call The Wand of God. They pray and make sacrifices to it. Their leader is Megaton Mary, "The Great Irradiated One". A horribly obese mutant, the size of a truck. She has powerful psychic powers.

Wasteland Radio

a radio station run by the charismattic Coyote Jack "The Voice of the Wastes" think Iggy pop as a highly sarcastic radio host. It gives out news, weather reports, which usually consist of its "FUCKING HOT!" And plays punk music. Jack actually has a very good contact network throughout the wastes that feed him information that is surprisingly accurate. The station is located in a fortified compound on top of a hill outside of Rust Town.

The Librarians

A monk like order of scholarly men and women who scour the wasteland looking for remnants and knowledge of the world that was lost. To safeguard it. They collect books, art, rare technology, and anything else they can find to preserve and study the prewar culture. They are the most educated and knowledgeable people left. They have numerous strongholds hidden away and well defended to protect their treasures.

The Hellcats

an all female tribe of vicious motorcycle raiders that are especially good at hit and run tactics. Think traditional Amazons crossed with Wes from Road Warrior.

The Hungry

The hungry are a tribe of cannibalistic raiders led by the charisma attic and repulsively bloated Elvis Christ. Dressed in a rhinestone suit, pope hat and sideburns. Their band decorates themselves and their vehicles with bones skulls and Elvis iconography. There raiders almost universally file their teeth down two points. Many of them wield spring-loaded bear traps on chains that they use like bolos. They roam the stretch of desert between the Black Hills and the old Red Rock State Park.

Red Rock Mutant Enclave

a community of mutants living on top of a Mesa near what used to be Sedona.

Long Haulers

Men and women with vehicles that brave the wastes between communities. They take people, cargo and news from enclave to enclave for a price. Having to fight off and or out run raiders mutants and even the union, they are almost universally the toughest customers around.