[Game of Moans] 0.2.2: Whispers From The Wall Public Release

 Hey there everyone,

We've got a new update for everyone today with several bug-fixes and tweaks to the game. This is now available to everyone (including non patrons). We'll also have more updates coming soon in the next two weeks with content additions. This update comes with a Mac version for those who wish to trial it for us (we have not tested it as we do not have any Macs on the development team). A quick thank you to everyone who pledged money to support the project, without it we would not still be doing it. If you enjoy what you play and see potential where we are heading, please consider pledging an amount (anything helps) to help us pay out talented artists and programmers to continue the project. 

Here are the download links: 



 Here are the main bug-fixes that we hope are from this version: 

+Added a small raven scroll peeking out behind the candle in Aemon Quest 1

+ Fixed blurred backgrounds in the wall tunnel and wilderness 

+ Fixed aemon quest 2 buggy memory card hunting 

+ Fixed a false-exclamation bug in Gilly's quest 2 

+ Fixed the pipes game 

+ Various dialogue / item & character positioning fixes

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