Game of Thrones in Skyrim
I've been wanting to make this video since I  started doing Machinima trailers but never had a great platform for it.

With Skyrim remastered I thought I finally had a chance. However with Skyrim Skript Extender (SKSE) not being avaliable for Skyrim SE this video would have been impossible. SKSE is required for about half the mods I used to make the video so it just would not have worked. 

So I actually made this in Vanilla Skyrim, and I know it doesn't look like visual gold but because Skyrim is so old running more than a few high end graphic mods is a bit more of an art than a science. Going into this I also knew almost nothing about modding which is also why it took so long. At least now I really know my stuff when it comes to modding Bethesda games... Maybe. 

Skyrim also has a really low limit of RAM and VRAM that it will allow itself to usem so running the HD textures is really pushing it, mine actually it crashes every 30 mins or so. I also completely destoyed the game at one point and had to start the project again. I also had no idea how to use the Skyrim engine for Machinima! So it was a lot of firsts but I think going back into Skyrim we will be able to see some more polished Machinima from now on!

Coming up next is gonna be a series of quickfire videos! I am stuck in the hospital AGAIN this week with my stomach but I am planning weekly ones for a while, then we will finish Rick and Morty, (2-3 weeks for a video with those) then we will go back to weekly videos. I am going to go for more random fun like the Bob Ross video (there will be a part 2!). It's awesome because they don't take long to make, are fun, and I can make loads of them :)

So I hope you guys like this, there will be more Skyrim videos like Lord of the Rings and stuff now so that will be great fun too!

Thanks again for all your support and sorry this took so damn long to make.