Game of Whores 0.12b | $5 Patrons release

Hello everyone, new version is already available for $5 Patrons here!

Changelog version 0.11 --------> 0.12b:

- All reported and known bugs were fixed


- 3rd round of "Games of Whores" competition (3 animations)

- Animated blowjob scene with Sansa at the market

- New questions and answers for "guess game" in the garden with Dany

Vanilla/Submissive Cersei route:

 ~ Drinking CG scene with Cersei

 ~ Flashing CG scene with Cersei

 ~ Animated handjob scene with Cersei 

 ~ Vaginal sex CG scene with Cersei 

 ~ 13 random small facts and dialogues while drinking with her

Saves strictly from 0.11 should work, but no guarantee, check yourself please

Voting for the Queen:

Enjoy your play! 


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