Game Purge and New Perks!
Well it had to happen.  I (Aaron) am doing a game purge.  My apartment is about 75% stacks of games and they "don't have to go home, but they can't stay here" to quote Semisonic.

There are approx. 70 games that we have played on Beer and Board Games and we want you, our patrons to have a crack at them.  So here is our plan.

Starting in September,  a new reward will be introduced at the $25 level in which we will do a monthly random drawing (or maybe drawings) for one of these games (signed) that we have played on the show. Each month's winner will select a game of their choice off the list of games, some of which are quite valuable.

We will also introduce a new $75 perk which guarantees you a signed game of your choice each month that you pay that perk.  Anyone at the $100 level can also choose to get a game. There will be a few games that only people at this level will be able to get.

The  games we are giving away are listed here:

Thanks again for your support and making it possible for us to do this show.

Cheers, Aaron