Gamepad Viewer 0.7.0
  • Patreon: Yup, this thing's on Patreon. If you know someone who'd be willing to support, feel free to point 'em in the right direction.
  • New Skin: The long-awaited and much-requested GameCube skin is finally out! Sorry I kinda took too long with this one, it's just that I wanted to get some stuff together and ship this with some other things that needed to be done, as follows...
  • GameCube controller Fix: So, if you own a GameCube controller and MayFlash adapter, you'd get some really weird values for the triggers and sticks, even if you tried remapping. Now, there's new remapping setting which can help you solve that! Just watch the update video to find out how to do just that!
  • Remapping Axis/Button exclusion: Another small but useful update to button remapping is the ability to disable a button or axes' ability to be selected when remapping inputs. This is typically useful for when you have an out of control axis that changes values rapidly and don't want it interfering with remapping. To cancel an input's mapping ability, simply right click it's blue box on the mapping page after a player is selected. To re-enable the input, simply right click the red box.
  • DPAD POV Mapping: Another common issue was that of DPADs that show up as a single axis input, or a Point-Of-View Hat Switch. With the new "DPAD" remapping option, just select the DPAD's axis, fill in the requested values, and the DPAD should be fixed!
  • Remapping feedback: When I was asking someone to test the new remapping options, i found that they had a hard time of telling if something worked or if it failed. To fix that, should a mapping failed, you'll see a persistent error message in red above the appropriate mapping, and if it succeeds, a green success message which fades away.
  • Remapping UI Populated via URL: Before when you would access exported remapping settings via URL, you couldn't edit them or customize them. Now, when accessing the exported mappings via URL, the remapping page will populate with the appropriate settings.
  • Input hints in Generate Page: Now, before entering information into the text boxes you see input hints. Hopefully this helps with people who are unsure of what to place in those inputs.
  • New Generate Page options: You can now disable stick curving and change the stick offset as well.