Gamerathon 3 Funding Period complete. Thank you all!
Hey everyone. In line with keeping things transparent and of course simply being respectful, It is with shock, awe and a little anxiety I am here to tell you that the funding period for Gamerathon 3 via Patreon has officially ended. Yes, this was one month earlier than initially scheduled, but after finally hammering out the filming schedule for Gamerathon 3 it was found that in order to have it ready when promised, and use our funding to the best of it's capacity, the Patreon pledges for the month of March would make it to my bank account just about when I would be returning from Japan, and therefore not be usable for Gamerathon 3. I want to thank everyone who has supported this goal for so long, and those new who jumped in to help with the funding when the minor crisis came close to nixing the project. As it stands, almost all the funding came through this month, with but a few exceptions. Don't worry though! February has been very good on YouTube ad revenue, adding $50 to the pot, and on top of that I changed cellphone plans to a payment $10 less than what I had previously. So overall, it evened out. :) So all those who funded for Gamerathon 3 and only Gamerathon 3, you may go ahead and cancel further pledges. Those who simply want to help the channel financially and were giving extra for Gamerathon 3, you can cut your pledge levels back to something more reasonable. ;) And to those who simply like giving me money... that's kind of strange, but thank you! But what about the milestones and pledge rewards? The milestones that we hit will be considered "hit" even after the pledge levels drop. I'll go ahead and edit the amount down to something like $1 so that it still counts as "reached" with notes in the description of the original goal. Yes, I still owe everyone Plushie Pranksters, Cookies, Chibi-Cthulhu Thank you video, A micro documentary about Chibi, and let's not forget.. AUTOGRAPHS! Most of these will be available to all via my YouTube channel, but the autographs will still be sent out to those who helped reach that milestone reward. I've got a big list of all those whom were pledging at the time it was reached, so hopefully there won't be an issue getting that out to all whom would like it. Finally though, there's February's monthly Patreon bonuses that... didn't happen, due to crummy Creepy internet. :/ For that, please send a message to me via Patreon and I will try to make sure you still get the chance to have the bonus you were supposed to get, even if you are no longer pledging. Once again, thank you all VERY much! -Decker Shado
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