Gamersledge Podcast - The Kojima Konspiracy
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Exclusive Patreon Gamersledge Podcast (MP3 and Video)

We want to say thank you.  To do so, our panel has put together their Top 3 Recommended Video Games, TV shows and Movies for your consideration.

Your Name in the Thank You Credits during Gamersledge Podcast (Wednesdays, 7P/9C/10E)
It doesn't take much to help when lots of people do it, but we will make sure that every show, we give a thank you to those supporting us.
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Verbal Thank You During Gamersledge Podcast

Gamersledge is our flagship show where the editors all get together and discuss the week's video game industry news. We want to take a moment and verbally thank our patrons that sponsor us at this level, as well as having your name on the Thank You Credits.
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BOGO Store Offer

Did you know that the store on sells handmade geek pendants and keychains?  We do!  We've worked with our creator to get you a coupon for a free pendant whenever you purchase one pendant on the store.
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Monthly Q/A livestream - AMA

Once per month, we'll have an invitation-only Google Hangout livestream with Patreon contributors at this level.  Ask us anything (but be prepared for answers!!!)
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On-Air "Thank You!" During Our Entire Week's Worth of Twitch Streams.

Patreon contributors at this level will receive an on-air thank you during each and every episode we air on (5 shows) throughout the week.
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Quick Byte Co-Host with your game of choice (PS4 only)

Have a PS4 and want to tell the world about a game you love?  A Quick Byte is your way to do it!  You'll join either Mark or Matt for about half an hour to introduce and play a game through the Playstation Network.  We cannot be held responsible for poor internet speeds to prevent Share/Play from working, so please check your speeds before signing up!  We will make multiple attempts to schedule your Quick Byte.  Not sure what a Quick Byte format looks like?  
Check here:
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Personalized Thank You Video Once Per Quarter

Contribute at this level for three months (or more), and we will create a personalized thank you video (1 for every three months).  We will give you an update on progression of the site goals, how we are using your contribution and make an individualized thank you just for you! :)
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Panel-On-One Google Hangout every 3 months!

Support us at this level for three months, and we'll jump on a google hangout with you (and just you) for 30 minutes discussing gaming, comics, television or even lego - whatever your passion!  (If it is sports, Mark will die and everyone else will engage you!)
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Make a Show And We'll Do It.

Support us at this level, and you tell us what gaming-related show you'd like us to make (tabletop/rpg included - as well as video game) and we will Make It So.  No Riker Doublefacepalms included.  Your name will even be in the show opening as Producer.
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A Month of Mentions

What does this mean?  It means whatever it is you want us to promote - your website, your twitter handle, your gaming channel; whatever it may be -- we will discuss it on every single show, and give you sponsorship billing, even on our livestreams and you get a gamersledge T-Shirt!
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