Games Have Been Sent~
Hello, everyone!

I spent four and a half hours sending out nearly 600 Patron emails, and have already sent out about 180 copies of our kinetic novel to those of you who have responded and confirmed your age.  That's a lot of folks!  It was incredibly humbling reminding ourselves of how many people support us, so thank you again for your continued pledges.  In the time I spent sending out those emails, nearly 100 more people joined our campaign with the release of the promo advertising the game!

If you're a new pledge, I will be sending out age confirmations and downloads to you when your pledges are charged in the beginning of March!

To those of you who are playing, be sure to leave a comment about what you think of the game so our Project Lead, ObeyMyShinyRod, can see your thoughts!  She poured a lot of hours into this, and it truly would not have been possible without her.  Thank you!!