Gamescom, Respawn and FanArt!
Hey guys!

Firstly, we are very sorry for not updating for the past month or so. We have been invited to Gamescom and to talk about our project at Respawn and things got so hectic (it's a good thing). You guys are ALWAYS our family and number one priority and we dropped the ball because of too many things happening during this month and we are very sorry.

Secondly, check out this amazing FAN ART!! Yarden Weissbrot made this thing based on our story and concept art and I must say, there are very few things that are more touching then fan art. This is really amazing :). 



We gave a talk about our project at respawn and it was great. Was very exited to see people's reaction to what we are doing. We have also some very interesting news about funding and publishing. We can't discuss it yet (also because it is a public post), but we will update with a private patreon post in a couple of weeks when we are able to tell about it. We can say however, that the news are very very good. We also must say that we are not exaggerating when we say it's all thanks to your support. I am not sure if you guys know how much having this page and having you with us is helping the project but it's really, the most important thing that is moving the project forward. You have been with us for a while now and we are so grateful. We are really working hard to create something amazing and special and you guys are the reason this is all happening.