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GaMetal - SpongeBot SteelPants (Battle for Bikini Bottom)
April Fool's day has arrived, and that means it's out-of-place-awesome-song time!

This final boss theme was requested a few times after last year's April Fool's special (Final Boss from McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure), I've kept it in the back of my mind since then. I was deciding between a few other songs for this year but decided to go with this one.

It's also a pretty laid back song similar to our last song, Cursed Leorina, but while the latter had more of a softer feel, SpongeBot feels more intense.

So we already know which song is next (Patrons, check the stream if you didn't see/forgot!), I've also decided what will be the 3rd song for April. I'll talk about that as well as revealing a few songs coming up in the May Madness event next month in the next update post.

See you in the stream! :)