GaMetal - The Darkness Nova (Legend of Mana)
We're headed back to the Mana games with the latest Patreon Request List Drawing winner for Matt D., this is The Darkness Nova from Legend of Mana!

I really don't know much about this game so I can't really say much xD. The soundtrack was composed by Yoko Shimomura which you probably know is one of my favorites (as well as several of yours). This is one of the heavier Shimomura songs I've heard, and it's really cool.

So next up is... the Side-Quest Vol. 1 album songs! So I'm going to say this today, and again this weekend..

Please make sure your monthly limits are set because a ton of videos are about to come out within the next few weeks!

While I greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate everyone's support, I don't want to break your bank either xD. This is mostly important for those above Tier 1. You can check and set your pledge limits by going to 'Your Pledges ' > Edit Pledge page.

As I said before, I'll be using some of the extra money from this month to get some physical album copies made for giveaways in the future. And maybe replace my keyboard. Cause mine sucks. xD

I'll be working on recording all the video footage the next few days, and should start uploading the SQ1 album vids sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, with 1 new upload to the channel each day.

Oh yeah, one more thing! I was going to do a Youtube live stream tomorrow to help promote the album, but I'm going to move that stream to Monday afternoon. I forgot this weekend is a holiday weekend, and my wife and I are going to visit family. So I won't really have time for a live-stream tomorrow! The public release of the album on BandCamp is tomorrow (the 14th) since that was the 'new' date I announced recently on Twitter, and I atleast want to hold to that.

Other than that, I'll see you all in the next post! I'll make a quick update post on the weekend, and I'll see if I can also squeeze in a few new acoustic shorts as well.

Thank you all for your ongoing love and support, things are about to really start poppin thanks to you all!