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GaMetal - Destroy the Terrorists in the Occupied City (Strider 2)
That's an extremely long song name! Here's the 5th video for the Side-Quests Vol 1 album, this is the first stage theme from Strider 2.

Once again, just going to remind everyone to make sure your monthly limits are set correctly! You can check that on the Your Pledges  page and going to Edit Pledge. We're now 7 charged posts into the month with only 4 to go, so please make sure I don't break your back on accident! For those who've told me you're willing to go all the way and pledge for all 11 songs this month, thank you so much, and you're crazy generous. :)

We're now going to have a 2-day break between this video and the next, so I can record the rest of the videos Monday and Tuesday. There's only 4 more to go and everything should still go as planned.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and generousity, see you in the next post!

(Also, I'll probably make a general update post here tomorrow or Tuesday.)