'The Gaming Goddess' Podcast - Season 9, Ep. 1: "A New Year with New Adventures!"
I've been working a lot lately in my offline, job. It is taking a lot of energy, but I'm enjoying my co-workers and generally approve of my place there over places I've been in the past.

But in a valued-attempt. What is a valued attempt? In a valued-attempt to keep all my online doings together, here is the latest Gaming Goddess podcast.

I will warn you: this is a long episode, but it's so long because it was a lot of fun. Still, Jessica(and I) are going to try to keep it shorter in the future.

We have some really juicy discussion on the amazing talent in the writing and production of old, retro JRPGs as well as:

Ys:The Oath in Felghana


Fallout 4

Echoes of Aetheria

Dragonian: The Imbalance of Sierr

Deadly Tower of Monstersand a lot more!