Garbanzo & Pomegranate Salad recipe cards in the mail
For those of you pledging at the $10 level, I'm getting ready to mail your quarterly recipe. This is one of my favorite recipes for summer, though honestly if there are pomegranates available, I'll make it anytime. 

It's a traditional Pakistani recipe for Ramadan, so I thought it appropriate for this quarter. Just in case you're like me and have never purchased a whole pomegranate before, here's how to approach them.

Get a bowl of cool water deep enough to hold the entire fruit, plus your hands.  With a paring knife score the skin of the pomegranate into four quarters. (The skin is about a quarter inch thick, and you can feel when you've gone through.)

Put the pomegranate in the bowl, and break it apart along the score lines. You should have four sections, with glossy red seeds and waxy white partitions. 

Keeping the section in the bowl, pop the seeds off the waxy stuff. This goes way easier than you think it will. The water keeps the bright red juice from spraying around your kitchen. As a bonus, the heavy seeds sink to the bottom, and the waxy stuff floats.

Ones you've removed the seeds, discard the big waxy chunks, and then pour the water off. All the smaller stuff should be floating on top and flow off with the water, leaving behind delicious, delicious pomegranate behind.

I hope you enjoy the recipe when it arrives.