The Gateway (Findom Hypnosis)
This Recording is made possible by the Hypnotic Philanthropist Jordan Martin

WARNING this recording is a hypnotic financial domination themed hypnosis by Fiona. If you do not want to listen to a findom recording, then please select another hypnosis recording. This recording will not require or command the listener to spend money on anything. This recording offers what Fiona considers a fair deal to the listener as she explains "The Gateway". This recording also involves heavy brainwashing.  If you start this recording, you will have the opportunity to stop listening if you do not want to accept the deal that Fiona presents. Again, you will not be forced to spend any money with this recording.

Message from Fiona:

Hello Everyone,   I wanted to share that I'm working on 2 adult files that I should have out at the end of the month : Sensual Orgasm and Dirty Doggie (male & female versions). So sexy files are on there way in addition to more for Youtube! I am blessed to have all of your support. Thank you all so much!

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