The Gateway Pundit website calls for regulating Facebook and google
and these people claim to be conservative.  

i tweet about it but im not an activist but someone needs to say it.

who regulates google and facebook?  yes China works that way.  its called communism.

who recently called to regulate google and facebook?  George Soros in a speech, Hillary on Twitter and Obama in a speech.

then this Hoft idiot at gateway pundit.  i mean the retardationis off the scales.

Actually its NET NEUTRALITY which is socialism/communism and what the left is hungry for.  Its sad some of these 'conservative' sites are run by complete idiots. I often say, they take Soros money to fool trump supporters.  

if i start seeing regular conservative people out there calling for regulating google and facebook (which is net neutrality) while at the same time being against net neutrality, then I know we are lost.