Gathering Of Musicians

Gathering Of Musicians

Music is a driving force in my life. It has set the tone for a decent amount of my choice. Dropping out of high school was one of the best things I could have chose to do in my quest to become successful in music entertainment. And for 10 years I made it my life; playing shows, writing music, meeting other people in and around the business. That was my life. It also so happens to be 10 years ago. So my life in music over the past 20 years is officially half in and half out.

Now what? Since 2007 I kept a part of my music life alive with a band: Altayon. This project has always been a solo act where I bring in other musicians to play on an album or for a life performance. It works out so much better this way. Cause now it is fun. You’re not relying on another person to see your company grow. You are simply doing the business yourself and then having fun with people on stage or in a recording studio. It can’t get better than that.

Altayon has never been a focus of mine. It was a small project I liked to write music under. From time to time I play a show. The last time I was on stage with musicians for Altayon was back in 2012ish. It was a fun experience but while I focused on building my production company, BBR Productions Inc. This company allowed me to act, do comedy, writing, help people, and of course film as a director. But then in 2016 I found out I had cancer.

To celebrate not being dead and surviving as best as I have been, my buddies asked me to get the band back on stage. So, I reached out to a bunch of people I either played with or, and most importantly, respected. I cleaned up 16 songs and decided to make it a double impact show. Part 1 is about celebrating my life and the second part is to raise money for cancer awareness and to help those battling to survive themselves.

So here is to all the dreams we ever wanted, and to living beyond your expiration date: Become!