Gathering interest! - Sort of Intro...Post?
Since my patreon is brand new -- here is that post I promised where I'd be inquiring about a few things, and I'll bullet them out for ease of read...

 ▸ Streams: What's the general perferred time and days for these? I'd assume the weekends but I want to make these as accessable to everybody as possible

 ▸ Is there anything you think I'm missing?: I am totally new to this patreon thing so if anyone wants to throw any pointers or ideas at me, I'm super open.


And a quick lowdown of what's to come very soon amid my slow-ish startup...

 ▸ New, repriced, updated commission information

 ▸ Probably quite a few small Tier 1 sketch filled posts to get the ball rolling.

 ▸  ▸ Some of these might be future DnD concepts I'm workin on...

 ▸ First art stream eventually - will feature FFXIV ocs!