Gathering the sun
I'm grappling with some big issues. And, for now, I'm going to be decidedly vague about it. Sorry, not sorry.

See, it's a loved one making a decision that is absolutely wonderful for this loved one, but the decision has repercussions and consequences for the rest of us.

And, the news isn't 100% public, hence, vague news from me.


So, today, I made this little ditty to celebrate the sun.

Most people like spring or fall because the weather is mild.

Not me. I like the heat.

My body feels better - my joints and bones are supple and move with greater ease. A lot of my aches and pains disappear. I feel sharper. More focused. Happy.

I'm grasping the sun.

Today I also stepped into a new favorite role: trainer of trainers. (This is a weird term. I have been teaching for 24 years now, trainer is a strange term for it! I digress...)

A mom-friend of mine trains police offers in departments across the country in empathy and community engagement. Basically, she breaks down patterns and habits that officers develop over time and helps those officers rediscover their curiosity about each individual they encounter. Necessary and important work.

She heard about an ice breaker I do with The Movement Movement called a Moving Hello. She asked me to teach it to her so she could try it with her next group of trainees.

Together, today we took it a step further and integrated it into her curriculum for the training. She will now be training the officers using movement as a central method to deliver her content.

Needless to say, I am excited to see her put our plan into practice.

And, I may join her team as a trainer to work with the officers, too. Or, I may remain a trainer of trainers. Or, both.

Big news is still to come!

So... here you have the angst and the excitement of the week.

I hope you are grasping the sun and drawing in it's healing energy, too.

What moves you?