Gautama Buddha was White.


Of the 32 Major Characteristics a few stand out.

  • Well-retracted male organ
  • Golden-hued body
  • Eyes deep blue

of the 80 Minor Physical Characteristics

  • He has a protruding nose.
  • His face is long and beautiful.
  • He has curled hair.
  • He has fine hair.
  • His hair is untangled.
  • His hair has long curls.

Bodidharma was nicknamed “The Blue-Eyed Barbarian”  (碧眼胡)

Bodidharma was another Wandering Philosophy that went to China to teach “Chan” or Zen or Chaitanya in Sanskrit. He accidentally created the Shaolin School of Kung Fu. He came from a time when the Wisest & most Morally Evolved people were expected to possess the Deadliest Martial Arts. If anybody should wield Coercive Authority it should be the Wisest of us.

Proto-Indo-European or PIE is the Evolution of Language & Western Thought. European Languages came from the Hebrew/Hindu connection.

The word "GOD" comes from Proto-Indo-European "Gautama".