Gaze into the Crystal Ball
Starting December 2017, we'll be giving our patrons a new RPG article every month, focusing on new aspects, concepts and stuff from the Crystal Heart universe, with most content being usable in any setting that uses the same general genre (high adventure, colourful superpowers, maybe some obscure technology). 

How it'll work

On the 1st of every month, we'll post a poll for our patrons, asking them to choose one of three general topics.  We call this poll "Your Heart's Content" (GET IT?!) and it'll have a combination of general topics (shoes, sails, journeys) or specific system (Savage Worlds, D&D 5, Dungeon World) for you guys to choose which one seems the most interesting that month. 

The poll will close a week later, and the article, along with a small on-topic illustration, will be posted at the end of the month. It might be a description of three pairs of shard-infused shoes; the rules for a Maseian air-skiff; three random encounters (not random combats!) in Bogovia; the rules for Crystals in D&D 5; part of a Crystal Heart City of Mist conversion; or the like. Think Three Suggestions, only with a wider scope, and not necessarily in threes.

At the time of posting the poll, we don't yet know what these topics actually mean. We'll have some general ideas, but nothing set in stone. We'll welcome suggestions, of course, but generally speaking, we just want to give ourselves some creative constraints, to help us write something up (and help you guide us). 

Why not just decide on a topic? Because we want to allow our patrons to influence what we're doing. Why keep the poll topics so obscure? Because we also need to feel like we're keeping our creative freedom. It's not easy to maintain publishing a new article on a monthly basis, so it must be fun for us to work on it. That's our first big motivation. 

The other one is this: Everything written and drawn for Crystal Ball might later appear in a Crystal Heart product. There's a "Crystal Hunters" Savage Worlds source book on the horizon, and the monthly article can (and probably should) become a part of it, thus contributing to our long-term goals as well. 

In short:

1st of every month: A new poll, with 3 topics/systems/whatever that interests us at the time, some might be repeats from previous months. Poll closes after 7 days.

Last day of the month: A new 2-3 pages article complete with a little illustration, based on the poll winner. Patrons have complete access to all previous articles (as well as all Three Suggestions), here. All articles might become a part of a Crystal Heart product in the future. 

That's it. We hope everything's clearer now, and that you'll enjoy these articles and hopefully find them useful - despite focusing on Crystal Heart, we'll try to make most of them applicable in any genre-relevant game. 

Of course, feel free to contact us with any thought you might have on these matters.

Aviv and Eran

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