GDC Patient Zero - The TouchArcade Show #296
We recorded this earlier in the week, but still banged out a full podcast for you guys. I was going to hold on to this until Friday, but figured I'd just publish it now and if you want to wait until Friday to watch... Fine by me!

As mentioned, if you're at GDC (or anywhere near San Francisco) here's the plans:

Patreon Meetup - Monday @ 7:00pm-ish
Metreon Food Court:

It's the mall thing that's kinda sorta behind Moscone. The plan is to meet up, hang out, anyone who wants to grab some food from anywhere can grab food and then we can figure out where (if anywhere) we're going to go next. We'll try to grab some tables and we'll be wearing our TouchArcade shirts. If you're not in Discord yet, be sure to link your Patreon account and you can get in the chat we'll be organizing stuff in.

IndiePlus Party - Tuesday @ 7:00pm

So this doesn't have anything to do with TouchArcade, but I judged the IndiePlus stuff this year and as my condition was I could invite Patreon people to the party. Please RSVP ASAP at use the password "funplusgdc2017" to get into the invite. I have almost no control over any of this, but, it's another party with an open bar that you can go to!

TouchArcade Party - Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Bin 55:

Our normal party at the Marriott Marquis lobby bar. Come hang out with us and other developers that are in town this week!

Games played during the podcast:

-Rocket Plume
-Chief Puzzle Officer
-Die By Died
-The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
-Soul Knight
-RPG Djinn Caster