GDW Chapter 601
 Gaining the God and Devil World’s 18th Novice Village!

Yue Zhong was also helpless, and could only take out a set of clothing from his storage ring and helped the little loli dress.

He had just helped her to put on the clothes, when she lightly pulled at them, and ripped them apart.

Yue Zhong’s face grimaced in helplessness under the Sea Mask, and tried to coax her as though he was speaking to a kid: “Wear your clothes!! Wear your clothes, I’ll be nice!”

“Wear...Clo..thes..! Nice...nice!” The little silver-haired loli immediately picked up on that little bit of Chinese and allowed Yue Zhong to dress her again.

Once she put them on, she pounced into his embrace again, giggling adorably.

Yue Zhong ruffled her hair and said: “Since you have a head of pretty silver hair, I’ll call you Yin Shuang (Silver Frost).”

Yin Shuang seemed to understand, as she repeated her name slowly: “Yin...Shuang!”

Yue Zhong had chanced upon this strange biological life form from the corpse of the Mutant Infected Womb, and he carried Yin Shuang as they got on Greenie’s back, before shooting for the skies.

The 8 Thunder Fighters in the sky had landed at the forefront of the battle. While their rockets and guided missiles had been spent, they had more back at base.

As the battle drew to a close, the ground was strewn with corpses everywhere. Hu Yi’s 1st Regiment had fought hard to slaughter the zombies.

After an intense battle that lasted for 2 days, over a million zombies had been obliterated by Yue Zhong’s army. An army that had the support of enough ammunition and logistics was truly powerful, and not something ordinary zombies could hope to withstand.

The Z-type within Ning Xi City saw that the situation could not be salvaged and hurried to bring the remaining 800,000 as they fled.

That was when the armored troops of Yue Zhong burst out, they had been waiting patiently to catch those fleeing zombies. They chased after the horde in a frenzy, slaughtering as many as they could, which reached a total of over 300,000 zombies. By then, only the higher-level evolved zombies had managed to flee together with the Z-Type.

“Congratulations on conquering Ning Xi City and gaining the title ‘Ning Xi City Conqueror’! The title grants +2 in all attributes, and the title cannot be earned again! Effects of titles can stack!”

“You have brought troops to conquer Ning Xi City, and have gained 3 levels, gaining 6 points of attributes to be allocated!”

“You have brought troops to conquer Ning Xi City, you have gained 10,000 Survivor Coins!”

“You have brought troops to conquer Ning Xi City, you have gained a Level 4 Defense Vest!”

“You have brought troops to conquer Ning Xi City, you have gained an additional skill point to be allocated!”

When Yue Zhong’s troops had chased out the rest of the zombies, or killed the scattered remaining ones, the notifications rang out in his mind one after another.

Yue Zhong utilized 2 skill points to enhance his Second Order Devil Flame, as the points turned into a bright light in his sea of consciousness, transforming the runes of the Devil Flame. An additional character appeared, and it propelled the might of his Devil Flame yet again.

After conquering Ning Xi City, Yue Zhong entered the Novice Village on his own.

“Congratulations on conquering the Novice Village, you have gained the title of ‘Controller of God and Devil World’s 18th Village’.”

“Having gained this 18th Village, you have obtained the following information. First: About 2 years, 10 months and 13 days from now, the 2nd Round will begin. Second: The Experience Portal will open in 1 year and 10 months from now. You will have to gain control over the whole of China to obtain a ticket for the portal. Third: Every city’s Novice Village possesses a unique power. Please work hard to obtain the rest of the villages.”

A number of notifications sounded out in his mind, causing his mood to sink.

Yue Zhong frowned deeply, as he felt a rising pressure within his heart: “The 2nd Round, what is it? Damned bastard, it definitely isn’t something good!!”

It was apparent that the current Mutant Beasts, Evolved Zombies, the Sea Clan and all the strange intelligent beings were just the beginning. Yue Zhong could barely handle a million-strong zombie horde, and each time he launched an assault, he would expend a great amount of resources, and suffer some casualties.

If there were more strange monsters that were even more difficult to handle, he was afraid to imagine what the consequences would be.

“The Experience Portal will open in 1 year and 10 months, which means I need to conquer the capital of China by then? How is that possible?”

The capital was one of the densest populated place in China, considering China’s population. It had over dozens of million people. That was to say, if Yue Zhong wanted to conquer the capital, he had to face dozens of million zombies.

Right now, even 2 million zombies were enough to cause him to be exhausted, as well as cost him his reserves. There was simply no way he could take on a dozen million zombies right now.

Yue Zhong shook his head, putting the stress to the back of his mind as he walked into the 18th Village of the God and Devil World.

He immediately walked up to the temple of the occupation of the Dark Knight.

Within the temple, a Dark Knight stood there quietly, emitting a quiet but powerful pressure.

Yue Zhong could feel the suppressing aura and knew he was far from being a match for this Dark Knight.

“Your excellency, I’m Dark Knight Yue Zhong, I hope to purchase some class-related skill books.”

The Dark Knight pointed with his finger, and a number of projections appeared in mid-air, displaying different skills.” 

Yue Zhong took a look and noticed that the prices had risen to more than 10 times compared to the time he entered the other village. A single Level 2 skill required 10,000 Survivor Coins, while a Level 3 skill required 100,000 Survivor Coins.

Here, there were also Level 4 skills that were for sale, each of them going for at least a million Survivor Coins. Level 5 skills needed 10 million, and Level 6 skills went for a 100 million.

As the leader of a million people, Yue Zhong had collected a large amount of Survivor Coins, and yet, he only had 14 million Survivor Coins. It would at most be enough to purchase a Level 5 skill and 4 Level 4 skills.

He glanced through them, the Level 5 and 6 skills were enough to cause him to salivate with longing, but after some hesitation, he decided to only buy 1 Level 4 Skill.

“Level 4 Skill: Low-level Dark Dou Qi. Allows User to store Dark Dou Qi within the body, using it to enhance combat strength. This skill is necessary to evolve it to a Mid-Level Dark Dou Qi, by enhancing the Low-level Dark Dou QI three times. User can enhance the skill through training, or by using skill points. Each enhancement requires 2 skill points.”

The moment Yue Zhong purchased the skill, he immediately learnt it, as a dark light shone around him, and the runes of the Dark Dou Qi Skill condensed in his sea of consciousness.

When the runes formed, a bunch of information filled his mind, allowing him to gain the cultivation technique of the Dark Dou Qi and how to use the Qi itself.

His pupils constricting, he activated the Dark Dou Qi, and his energy surged, as wisps of dark energy flowed out of his body, strengthening him, boosting his combat power by a huge margin for a short period of time.

With a flash of his body, he immediately transformed into a shadow and disappeared. Without the use of his Shadow Steps, his speed had already reached 27 times that of a person. If he coupled it with the Shadow Steps, then his speed would truly reach the sound barrier.

He came to a stop and admired the strength flowing through his body, nodding in satisfaction: “Great! Great! This Dark Dou Qi is truly marvelous. With this skill, my strength and survivability have increased another notch.”

After purchasing this Low-level Dark Dou Qi skill, he did not continue his purchase of other skills. Instead, he went over to the Equipment Enhancing shop, and handed 4 Evolution Stones, 10,000 Survivor Coins as well as his Level 4 Falcon Sniper Rifle over to the merchant.

To upgrade a Level 3 equipment to a Level 4 one, it required 1 Evolution stone. Level 4 to Level 5 required 4 stones, Level 5 to Level 6 required 16 stones, and it stacked on that way. At the same time, by upgrading an equipment from its Level 5 to Level 6 state, there was a chance of failure.

With a bright flash of light, the Level 4 Falcon Sniper was upgraded to a sleek, black 25mm Sniper Cannon with many runes all over it.

“Level 5 Treasure, Falcon II-Type Sniper Cannon. Its effective range is 4km, and its rounds include armor-piercing, explosive, incendiary, and sonic boom. Everyday, it will automatically generate one bullet.”

The benefits of being a leader of a large faction had finally revealed themselves. He had over 200 of those amazing Evolution Stones, and he decided to upgrade all the equipment he used constantly to their Level 5 stage.

“Level 5 Black Tooth Blade, extremely sharp blade. It can slice apart system equipment of Level 4 and below.”

“Level 5 Treasure: Stinger III, 25mm Hand-cannon, automatically generates 6 bullets everyday.”

“Level 5 Treasure: Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade.” 

After upgrading these equipment to their Level 5 stage, he didn’t take on risks, and instead, went over to the Medicine shop.

Inside the shop, Yue Zhong bought 2 Level 6 Formula-Gs.

Currently, a single vial of Formula G was selling for 500,000 survivor coins, 10 times more expensive than when Yue Zhong had initially came across the Novice Village. By purchasing 2, he had spent a million Survivor Coins at one go. However, it was worth it, as other than the Formula G, there was no other medicine that could heal a wound from a zombie.

Even an Evolver would turn into a zombie if scratched by one, and there was no other known cure. 2 Formula Gs were equivalent to 2 lives. Yue Zhong had no choice but to get them.

After leaving the medicine shop, Yue Zhong came to the Enhancing Temple. In front of it, one could use a 1,000 Survivor Coins to enhance an attribute. However, Each person could at most enhance their attributes 20 times maximum. As for Yue Zhong, who controlled the 18th Village, he could enhance a maximum of 40 times.

He swiftly enhanced his Agility 39 times, reaching 256 in total. Many Agility-based Evolvers would not even close to such a terrifying figure.