Gears of War 4 - Easy Allies Review
Lancers up, Allies!Here’s my take on the latest Gears of War. For reference, I’ve played Gears 1 and 2, but did not play 3 or Judgment. I tried to state some heavy concerns I have for Gears 4 in this review without alienating people that are having fun with the game. As someone who only gets to dabble in franchises like Gears, Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc., without investing in every single entry, I have to go with my gut when the newest installment doesn’t feel like it’s doing enough.As only my second (written) review for Easy Allies, I’d love some feedback on this. I am comfortable with my score and opinion, but I’m curious if any of you feel like I do about Gears 4, or other recent games that seem to be doing everything right but still don’t pull you in like they should. For everyone that’s currently loving Gears of War 4 to the fullest, enjoy!More reviews coming this week!- Brandon