Geeking out : What would you like to see next?

Let's imagine I had at least 3,000 USD for new gear (that I do not have anyway), What would you like to see coming in the next 6 months?

Shall I ditch my actual DJI Osmo in favor or a Osmo Pro (Buy Osmo Pro Combo - DJI Store)? Simply put the videos with this Osmo Pro would be in par (in term or quality) as the one I shot with the GH4 amazing during the day, quite descent at night)

Shall I invest in a DJI Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro?  Shooting drone is great, and the Mavic is compact enough for me to carry around, however most of the footage will be landscapes and nothing related to cities and such.

Shall I invest in a great 360 Like the Z Cam S1?  This camera deliver close to 2K quality videos check here (
Imagine watching the videos that I usually shot but in 360? Wouldn't be cool?

Or, shall forget about the above and continue what I am doing? Spending the money on travelling around and keep on delivering video in the current format? (Note that 360, Drone, Walking... are not replacing the actual format, they are just here as added bonus).

Better quality "Walking Around" videos

Drone Footages

Immersive 360 Videos

Spend that money on travelling (Regular videos)

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