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I started writing Dakotah Slade, finally after avoiding it for many months, but I only got 4 pages in. I've paused for now. I'm going to try to see if I can write more steadily over time instead of binging the chapter all at once. It's just too much for me right now. I need to get better at writing every day. Or something. I need to get better at time management. Quit smoking maybe. I need to finish this chapter...

I'll work on it more tomorrow. Hopefully. I'm just gonna have to accept and apologize that while my life is rebuilt from the ground up, my writing is going to suffer. But I'm not giving up. My stories will be told i promise. And I hope you guys stay interested, if anyone is even reading them. The new chapter is coming. I can just no longer guarantee my once a month release. Since neither of my subscribers I believe actually follow along, I don't expect to disappoint anyone with this announcement. 

I will suggest that if you are disappointed, there are ways to motivate me to write faster. You can always subscribe, it's only a dollar a month, and the more money I make from this, the less I have to work my real job, and the more time I'll have to write. If you already subscribed, or you just don't have the money to subscribe, I wont beg you for more money. Instead there are other ways you can motivate. Comment! Make some noise! Start discussions! Ask questions. Give criticisms. Bring some activity from the fans to 99% Geek. I cannot overstate how important showing your support is. And if you get me talking more about my writing, and get me thinking about it more, it will help break down my walls and get me writing faster. There's nothing I enjoy doing more than talking about my writing. So hit me up! Be the fans I need to help me be the best writer I can be.

*     *     *

Also I was on the bus and randomly beat the final boss on Smash Bros for switch. Finally. After months. It was weird. There were two final bosses, and if you beat one before the other, the other would become more powerful and overwhelm the world. You had to defeat all their underlings together and then face them both. It was a terrible campaign that just went on for freakin ever. The only way I got through it was one battle at a time.


Geekly News Headlines:

May 18th

  New Batwoman CW trailer

  Swamp thing trailer

  The tick cancelled. Will it ever get the respect it deserves?

  Stan Lee never got to see Avengers Endgame

  Grumpy cat is dead

  Final Fantasy VII music glitch finally fixed on Xbox one and switch, reportedly still broken on PS4, and all ports of FFIX. Customer support was reportedly unaware of issues.

  Diablo 3 patched and new season starts

May 16th

Miley Cyrus on the next season of Black Mirror

Could there be more than one super massive black hole in our galaxy? Evidence of a massive object blasting its way through our galaxy tore a hole through an entire stellar region

Epic plans it's first digital store "mega sale"

James gunn retrospective on controversy

Our knowledge of DNA has grown to the point where we can code the DNA of bacteria

Britney Spears might never perform again

Pressures put on an infants brain and skull during childbirth are far more severe than previously thought.

May 15th

 Hole in Martian atmosphere to blame for loss of water

There is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now, than anytime in the past 800,000 years, since before the Earth was suitable for human life.

Stan Lee's caretaker accused of elder abuse

New Red Dead Online update adds poker.

Disney to take full control of Hulu by 2021

Daniel Craig injured on set of new Bond film. Also, Jeffery Wight (westworld) set to return as Felix?

World of Warcraft classic coming August 27

Last of us part 2 nearing completion

May 14th

The Orville renewed for season 3

Bugs need to  say the fuck away from my holes.

Kids traumatized after wrong movie plays at Detective pikachu showing.

Gears of war 5 possible release date September 10th 2019?

Beware of fraud on Air BnB

New xmen dark Phoenix trailer

May 13th

Jumanji 3 has wrapped filming


Geekly Weekly TV Rankings (➤ for new) ( I live tweet shows on twitter, but try  to keep those spoiler-lite @AndrewGeczy)

  1. Game of Thrones *****
    Great episode of the show, though it was rather more straightforward than I was expecting. I was expecting some twisty series of events that would be completely unexpected, but instead it was surprisingly simple. They attack King's Landing, they win. The surprise is how easy it is, and then how the real conflict comes from Daenarys just losing her mind and murdering everyone in King's Landing. I didn't really see it coming, but I kinda did, and in a way I can see how the whole show has built up to this. Good job in all, but I still kinda feel like this season isn't playing out the best way it could have.
  2.   Doom Patrol *****
    I thought last week's was the finale, based on how it ended, but turned out I was pleasantly mistaken. This weeks episode was great, with the return of Danny the street, and a large mass orgasm. Too fun. I really wish they could just put their headquarters on Danny, cause then we could have Danny every week. The climactic battle with Mr. Nobody was fun, and I can't wait to see where the show goes for the finale.
  3.   Cloak and Dagger *****
    Amazing episode of Cloak and Dagger this week. It was powerful, emotional, creepy, moved quickly, had a cool video game interlude. I'm not too excited about the places we arrived at. I was disappointed Evita had to marry the Voodoo god against her will, I was hoping Cloak would snap out of it in time, or there would be some reason she'd be spared. I was also disappointed that Bridgette combined with her other half. I liked them as being separate, and I was hoping they would find a way to work together without becoming one person. But I'd like to think I can look past my personal preferences to see when something is still strong, and this was a strong episode of storytelling, and how it got to the things I didn't like were still just as strong. Also there were plenty of things about where things ended on the Flash I didn't enjoy, but I still give that 5 stars. While the Flash saw higher highs this week, I think this episode was more consistently quality and edges ahead barely.
  4. The Flash *****
    Great episode. Totally different than Arrow, far better, but still had that sense of wrapping up the entire series at the end. With tons of goodbyes that felt final, including with Cisco. The final moments seemed focused on setting up next years crossover, making me feel more and more like the status quo is taking a real hit after this season, and the shows we've been watching will no longer exist the way we know them anymore. It's the end of an era, and this has been hitting me harder than I was expecting. I have a theory. The last shot, of the years ticking down to 2019 on the article. I think the Monitor has been going to heroes at the end of their legacy and pulling them out of the timeline to throw them at the multiversal super bad foe like sheep to the slaughter. And then they die, and he goes to just a little earlier, and tries again, slowly eating up the future of our heroes in a never-ending dimensional war. That's my theory.
  5.   Agents of Shield *****
    Really good episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD this week, a far more enjoyable episode than last week's pilot. I was starting to get more comfortable with the status quo, but more importantly the episode was just fun. It was fun playing around with this new weirder version of Coulson. And May's ruthless drive was really fun to watch. The way she hunted down their invisible truck was perfect. She was MVP by far. My one disappointment was that we will be playing the "keep Fitz and Simmons apart" game for even longer, and it's wearing thin.
  6. Killing Eve ****1/2
    Parts of this episode were amazing, but some parts had me growing frustrated. Namely the scenes in which Villanelle and Eve interact. When they are interacting with anyone else, it's amazing, and amazing things happen, and it's one of the best shows ever. And the whole time you watch it wanting them  to just interact. And then they interact and it feels wrong every time. When Villanelle tells Eve "Don't talk to me like that. I like you, but not that much. I am the most interesting thing about you." I would have liked Eve to push back, to fire back, to rebel. To say "I don't believe you." TO do anything but allow that to hang over them and walk away. And that's just one example. But the scene with the bus, amazing. The dinner scene undercover. So good. Five Stars! Almost.
  7. Brooklyn Nine Nine ****1/2
    The two part episode this week was good, though the first part was more enjoyable than the second part. I don't love their "Rivals" but I did enjoy how it played out, and the first part was just good fun. I even found myself enjoying Broyles, and he usually annoys me.
  8. Supergirl ****1/2
    Really good episode of SUpergirl this week. I could nitpick, but the fact is, that's what I'd have to resort to because this episode did a lot to move the story forward, it had a good pace and some great moments. It did sorta brush the invasion plot under the rug at the very last minute though, which was strange and we'll see what happens going forward. I hope Lex didn't actually kill Russian Supergirl.
  9. Legends of Tomorrow ****
    Really fun episode this week. I really enjoyed Gary arc, and his third nipple, though I think he got off way too easy. I actually can't stand him, despite enjoying him this episode. I would have been happy if he was defeated this episode and never seen again. He's just so annoying, ridiculous and funny, but in an annoyingly not cool sorta way. I also enjoyed Nora becoming a fairy godmother, but I hope this isn't their attempt to write her off the show again for next season, because I want her to be a permanent member of the team. She's great. And Ray is great. And they are married in real life.
  10.   The Big Bang Theory ****
    Good enough seems a decent way to summarize that finale, with some great callbacks and some tender moments, but the whole things goes by at a break neck speed and nothing really happens. But then again, that's been the entire show in a nutshell. It's been a pleasant, shallow ride, and I appreciate the show for everything it was, and the cast for all the love they brought to our lives. I'm gonna miss every character, but imagine they lived happily ever after together.
  11. Arrow ***1/2
    Very interesting season, or possibly series finale this week. They wrapped up everything. A little too quickly in fact. It was anti-climatic, though it was nice seeing everyone together again, I would have rather gotten an interesting plot, but it was plot that was sacrificed so that the show could wrap everyone up in a neat bow. Then, with his sister defeated, I realized there was still 20 minutes left, and what followed was like a montage of him living the perfect life with Felicity. They have the baby, and Oliver is happy. And I'm like "Oh shit, this is setting up for the crossover isn't it." And then the monitor showed up in his cottage. His time has come. Crisis on Infinite Earths. What followed was a tearful goodbye as Oliver leaves to fight, never expected to return. Rather insane that they sacrificed Arrow's practically series finale to set up the Crisis on Infinite Earths. But I can't wait. That crossover is going to be amazing. It's just a little rough, knowing a show I've been sticking with for seven years just came to an end as I know it. I wasn't ready. And it didn't really do a good of giving us a satisfying and climactic finale. There's still half a season left, but who knows what that will look like, who the enemy might be, or if Oliver will even be involved.
  12. Family Guy ***
    The episode started out strangely paced, slow and inconsistent. This might have been one of the most inconsistent episodes of the season. It was just strange the way their jokes played out early on. THey started out pretending they were a sitcom like big bang theory, and I feel that joke fucked up their pacing for a good while after. Reminded me of Big Bang Theory and vids online of people removing the laugh track. When Family Guy faded away their laugh track to end the joke, it just felt strange and awkward for half the episode until it got into the meat of the plot, and then it was a very good episode indeed, but it took a long time to get there. Which is too bad, because I appreciated the honoring of Adam West, even though that might have helped contribute to the problem. I suppose, if that's true, it was worth it.
  13. Saturday Night Live **1/2
    I actually enjoyed Emma Thompson. She was a good host, and did a variety of roles. And some of the sketches were fun, including the Beauty and the Beast one, and the one where Emma Thompson just beats up Leslie Jones. But an equal number of sketches were meh, and I didn't laugh all that often. Could have been my mood. But probably not.

Geekly Weekly Talk Show Showdown:

  1. Last Week Tonight *****
  2. Vice News Tonight *****
  3. Stephen Colbert ***1/2
  4. The Daily Show ***
  5. James Corden **1/2
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