GeekVerse Patreon Debut 3 Episodes Early!
Welcome Patreon Backers to our Mad House! We will be sharing 3 episodes early for our 5 dollar backers! 

Spider-Man Retrospective - We are reviewing every episode of the 1994 Animated Series Spider Man! This episode we are reviewing Episodes 4-6 of Season 1. Featuring Doc Ock, Mysterio, and Scorpion!

Netflix and Fail? - You love movies that are so bad it's good? This is the podcast for you! GeekVerse Presents a new monthly podcast, Netflix And Fail?

We watch films on Travis's Netflix that are under 2.5, that we've never seen or maybe never even heard of and see if they deserve a failing grade.

This months addition Nic Cage's Pay The Ghost.

And finally a new episode of Rant Rave Repeat. The show where you get to know the GeekVerse hosts better as they Rant Or Rave about certain things in the world. This month we tackle the Clown Craze!

3 whole episodes early and we're just getting started!