Geeky problems with space
Hello chapettes

Let's start nasty. My F£%[email protected]#£ computer is crashing on a render. I have been trying to get my latest video published, but for 2 days now, it keeps crashing....sigh!

Oh well! I will use this chance to talk about last weeks video (which I forgot to share here) and how it is a masterpiece.  It seem to take forever to film, but easy to edit. And I even laughed at myself while editing (a rare thing.) 

Also, I was nominated for GEEK OF THE WEEK on Board Game Geek. Where you could ask really bizarre questions and pat me on the back. And the week is nearly over....(boo-hoo) Where did it go...I know! I've been working. 10 day week. 10 hour days.  I forget that I have another life with you.

I hope you will or have enjoyed this video and I hope that I can get the next on up as soon as I figure out what is bugging my computer. The next one...?

Is "The Pursuit Of Happiness"