Geeky Photography Week
So this week has been a bit slow. I was supposed to go out with a photo buddy to shoot some Christmas lights over the weekend, but I guess the weather was too iffy for her, and I couldn't get out on my own.

I did, however, see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, so, really, what more could I want out of a week? :) 

I'm not sure if it was seeing the movie, or just a coincidence, but the photos I took this week were all about the 'Wars. 

- Saturday, I had the sudden idea that I wanted to shoot a Darth Vader silhouette/shadow photo. You see the result in this post. Didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it, but it was still cool. 

- Sunday I worked hard to get a couple of weeks worth of blog posts written and scheduled. One of those was a run down of my 2016 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. That will get posted just after Christmas. It meant that I spent an hour or two shooting all the little figures for the post. I put my two favourite photos/builds on Flickr.

- And, to bury the lead: the lastest issue of Understorey Magazine was published today and it includes one of my photos! Check it out.

Other Stuff this Week:

- Archive Upload  (Halifax Tall Ships, 2007.)

- I blogged  about the photo club outing to the Annapolis Cider Company.