Today at Epcot festival of the arts they were playing Japanese music in my area right behind Mexico..,Totally dreamy tunes that inspired this floating geisha happiness.
She’s also 200$- and free shipping for international this time. 👍
Again, no pressure... you guys are my first dibs for these. I’ve been so inspired, and happy to just share them with you before I show my insta-peeps 😉

Seriously, it was a beautiful day. Clear skies, cool... sparkling water... a total change from When I arrived! 🌧🌞❤️🎨👏🏻

People were asking about art process, my wood working, VS... inkwork, vs. sculpture... it was great day... plus! One of my really big originals found a really good home today too, so I’m basking in art sale afterglow. 😉♥️🎨

Big big huge hugs, and more to come!