That wonderful cover was made by the amazing Swadloo!

So, the next big project will be Gemini Dream and it's the first time I have a Co-writer, my talented friend Rachel!

It will be set in my multiverse and will have a tight connection with the Royalty-Verse, so fans of that will be happy to know we will explore another timeline that derailed into a totally different path!

But even if you didn't read the Royalty-Verse it will be no problem to follow along our little murder mystery!

He had been perched on the frame of the bed but jumped off now to land with an elegant little bow. “Prince Gavin Ramsey. It's a pleasure to meet you, other me!”

Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ray, and Ryan have been brought to a

haunted castle that bears a terrible secret. To return home, they must

free the ghosts by solving the mysteries behind each of their deaths.

"Long time no see

Short time for you and me"

The first chapter will go online on 21st May

But don't you worry about waiting!

This Saturday I will update a short story Golden Boy.

Next week the two final chapters of Crimson Apple will go online.

And then, right before the first chapter of Gemini Dream follows another short story in the GTA!AU (No) Grey!

Thank you very much for your support!