Gen Con Patreon Recap Gen Con Recap: Unmitigated Success Part 2!

Before I get into the future of this Patreon, changes, and why you need to be a part of it for the continued Energon Invitational Qualifying season and the Invitational itself, I want to give you some statistics on our success at Gen Con. You’ll notice a lot of this is copy and pasted straight from Origins recap with some updated numbers:


Open Qualifiers:

-Teammates who attended: 6

-Open Qualifiers attended: 14

-Teammates Qualified for Open Final Top 32: 6 (100%)

-Top 8s achieved in Qualifiers: 6 (42.86%)

-Decks used throughout Qualifiers: Nine, three of which Top 8’d

-Decks used in Top 32: Three 

-When Qualified: 

Thursday AM (78 Players) – 3, Thursday PM (58 Players) – 1, 

Friday AM (54 Players) – 2, Friday PM (33 Players) – 0, none even played

Energon Open Finals (Top 32):

-Teammates Attended: 6

-Teammates Qualified for Energon Invitational (December): 6 (100%)

-Team Final Standings: Top Four, Top 8, Top 16 x3, Top 32

Team “Haul”:

- $2125

- 2 Blaster vs. Soundwave 35th Ed

- Many many prize tickets (I was able to get 2 extra Blaster vs. SW for example, that’s 70 tix)

- Full Team now qualified for Energon Invitational


-Patrons who attended: 7

-Patrons who played in more than one Qualifier: 7

-Patrons Qualified for Open Final Top 32: 3 (60% who attended both days of Qualifiers)

-Patron Final Standings: Top 16, Top 32 x2 

Now I know I am a Data Analyst by trade, but I do not need to do complicated regression to stand by the statement: “If you are in any way involved with Team, your chances of success at the Organized Play aspects of the Transformers Trading Card Game are extremely high.”

There will be weeks of various types of recaps, analysis, and fall out from Gen Con but the Energon Invitational store championship season is in full swing. If you are not qualified yet for the Invitational in December, than there is still work to be done. 

So if you are not yet qualified for December, then let me ask you: why are you not already a Patron of

Beyond Gen Con:

Do not look at the “100% of team members qualified” statistic and assume that work does not continue. As the leading authority on Transformers TCG competitive play we have an obligation to not only our Patrons, but the community at large, to maintain an edge in the competitive arena, and we are fortunate to live in an area where that opportunity is abundant. We still plan to attend local Energon Qualifiers, Case Tournaments, weekly game nights, etc. that we are able to given life/time constraints in an effort to produce the same high quality content and test various additional strategies that Siege offers. 

The ability to teach others to succeed is why I started, because the rising tide raises all ships. In order to grow myself as a player, I needed to first surround myself with other competitive players, and then seek out competitive and competent OPPONENTS to force myself to readapt to the surrounding environment. This is what I promise you will occur over the next three months, in anticipation of Siege II: we will work with this group to get you qualified: to dominate your expanding local area.  There are still Siege I metagame decks yet to be discovered and honed. We played two brand new decks at Gen Con, with a lot of diversity from assumed strategies Your desire to play at the highest level of competition in December is only limited by your time and resources available, and I hope we can help you short cut some of the former.

Gen Con taught me many things about the Transformers TCG, but the most important wisdom I can impart at a 100 foot level is simple: the game is growing at a staggering rate. Many players I spoke with who attended Gen Con, but did not even play in the qualifiers, expressed a huge desire to qualify for December. Many of these players are high level competitive players from other games who are looking to expand into TF. This, coupled with the massive number of players that played in the qualifiers to begin with, says to me that from this point forward until Sept. 30, the standards to qualify with increase. 

The other thing it taught me, and I am sorry if this comes across as arrogant, is that participation in this team and Patreon simply puts you on another level. Let’s assume for a minute that other organized teams even exist in this game: While I believe there are “collections of testing partners and people to bounce ideas off of” the corporate structure around this actual team and supporters is unprecedented. Honestly, I have not seen this level of commitment to each other and the game outside of preparation for Magic Pro Tours, and tournaments in now dead games (WoW, VS, etc.). 

I will let other Patrons actually speak on their thoughts but one common these (paraphrasing) from the weekend was:  “I have never seen such a team concept before in any game, where players already qualified for events continue to spend money to enter additional events to gain knowledge and experience to help themselves and their teammates succeed. The gamer community at the competitive level tends to have an “all me” attitude, this is the complete opposite.” Again, I will let others actually speak on that, but does not sound like public perception of does it? ;-) 

No other team was able to get every single player qualified for the Open, let alone as of the beginning of August qualified for the Invitational in December (yes, qualifying for the Open got you automatically to the Invitational, so these two stats are basically the same, fair lol). If you listen to the unspoken words coming from other “teams” the common theme is unpreparedness. Being unprepared for new decks, for a new establishing metagame, for creating new decks, for stepping outside of a comfort zone. These are things you simply cannot do on your own, or without surrounding yourself with people who are used to this level of TCG play. That information and dedication to preparing others, not just ourselves, I believe has a real value to it. 

I also think it is important to state that of the four “team tier” players, two of them qualified for the Saturday Open as well. I do not want to speak on their behalf, but I believe they felt the experience over the month left them well prepared for the successful plays in the qualifiers. Of the two that did not qualify, one was due to personal issues keeping them from attending the entire first day of Gen Con, and the second was a late comer to the process that probably needed some additional support before the start of the events. Overall, I hope those involved felt this was a worthwhile venture and we plan to offer something similar in November for the Invitational, though we are discussing changes internally to that “tier” and will explain that at a later date. If you KNOW you are looking to attend the Invitational, qualified or not, and need a place to stay in Philadelphia, our plan IS to offer an all-encompassing lodging option as well as an “information only” option, but details will be ironed out over the Qualifier season. 

The brand is about consistency, and competitive dominance on a national level. We are fortunate to be surrounded by many content creators geographically, as well as other players with a track record of performance. The two recent convention Opens displayed our ability to dominate not simply at a local level, but a national one as well. Our current Patrons have shown similar results internationally in localized events, so that consistency crosses borders as well. 

As such, we need to make sure we can give our existing and future Patrons the right level of service for the right cost. We spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, playing, and testing the Transformers TCG and if we grow this too fast, too disorganized, and frankly too cheaply, we will not be able to supply Patrons with the level of service they deserve, pay for, and frankly need to compete.  

As such, we are changing the tier structure for the Patreon slightly, but any existing Patrons will be grandfathered in their old “rewards”:

-The $5 tier will give you access to Discord chats. This is the “What” of competitive play. The Facebook group will no longer be used, instead the Patreon site itself will gate any content behind a “tier wall” just to keep everything in one place.

-The old coaching tiers will be replaced by one single coaching tier for $25. This will grant access to an hour’s worth of coaching per month (likely 2x half hour sessions). The demand for this personal attention was simply too great for us to handle at the former level. Frankly most sessions went beyond the ½ hour allotment, which is totally fine when the conversation is helpful to all parties, but puts our hourly rate at a place we are not comfortable given “non-gaming” commitments in our lives. This new tier will make the coaching process much more manageable. 

-We will open a $15 tier where you will have access to all behind the scenes deck techs weeks before they are released to the public, if at all. Basically this is more of an “information dump” than personalized attention, but the offer is still cutting edge competitive information, simply organized in a way where it is consumable by all instead of offering similar advice during individualized coaching sessions. The main page has an un-gated example of this content, which will have a gate in the future. 

You can expect full in depth deck techs of higher quality and information than you see on our YouTube, complete with sections that detail matchups, sideboard changes, deck changes made from previous iterations based on meta changes, etc. You will also be able to participate in a “higher level” Discord room where the team interacts more often, so any outstanding questions can be answered on the lists.

We will also hold a once or twice a month “Question and Answer session” which is again simply a way of organizing the information that multiple people are looking for in one place. Again, the goal is simply to offer the generalized advice often offered in coaching sessions in one easy to digest location. If you want help improving your individualized plays or decks, I still recommend full on coaching sessions, but we feel this offers a solid level of interaction and certainly information that players are looking for, without forcing a scheduled interaction that some players may not feel they need. 

None of these changes are large, I simply feel after two national Open events and the Qualifier season adding in an entire cadre of qualified new players, we need to keep our sights focused on the ultimate goal: continued team success and patron improvement. I can point any prospects to various current Patrons who can expound upon the benefits of joining this family, if you are looking for an unbiased viewpoints. I could just say “the numbers speak for themselves,” but I feel those on the fence about joining may best be served by asking our coachees how this interaction has helped them, and more importantly gotten them more engaged in this TCG we all love!

"You flare, you flicker, you fade. And in the end, all your tomorrows become yesterdays"  - Megatron

Do you want to fade? Or do you want to be remembered victoriously?

~Scott Landis

Top 4 at Gen Con Open, Top 16 at Origins Open Founder, Owner, Editor, Godfather, First of His Name, King of the Andals, Protector of the Realm