GENBA Suspect Character Design #1
So, here it is, the first Patreon-only blog post. And like I said in the overview and reward descriptions, it contains something I'm a little too shy to share publicly: another character design sketch.

I actually drew this almost exactly a year ago, as indicated by this tweet:

As you can tell, the character "wearing a raptor sickle claw as a hairpin" was this one right here, Shiku Jura (or Jura Shiku, if you go by Japanese name order).

Aside from the fact that, back then (and even now to some extent), it was too soon to reveal her, I don't really like sharing things that aren't 100% finished. I might have shared her fully colored and shaded sprite by now, but... that's not done yet. Her first appearance is during the second half of the first investigation phase, so there are a lot of other assets that currently have priority over her sprites.

In any case, this is one of the four suspect characters featured in GENBA no Kizuna. All of which live at the Kaseki Residence and are complete dino nerds. Which is naturally reflected in their designs.

Shiku's favorite dinosaur is Velociraptor mongoliensis. Consequently, it's featured on her hoodie. And since the most famous trait of Velociraptor is its sickle-shaped claw, I just HAD to integrate that into her design as well. Aside from that, she has some fancy, colorful hair as you can see. I honestly really like how she turned out, so not much will change once I draw her actual sprite. Out of all the characters I have designed, she's one of my personal favorites.

Oh right, it might be hard to tell, but the thing she's got in her mouth is supposed to be a metallic tablet pen. 

As for her name, you might have already figured it out, but if we go by Japanese name order and start with her family name first, we get Jura Shiku. Which is really just a pun on the term "jurassic". Written in katakana, it is ジュラシック (jurashikku).

The individual kanji her name is composed of mean:  寿 (Luck),  邏 (Guard), 士 (Samurai) and 苦 (Pain, Suffering). Whether or not those meanings might be relevant to her role in the game... well, that'll be for you to find out!

I guess that's all I can and "want" to say about her for now. I hope you've enjoyed reading this. More character designs will be shared here soon, as well as some other things, which truly are embarassing to me, ahahah... so please look forward to that, I guess!