GENBA Suspect Character Design #2
Seeing as it's already been a little over a month now since I've posted Shiku here, I thought it's about time to introduce the next of our four suspect characters in GENBA no Kizuna: Ryuunosuke Hazama!

Ryuu is the grandson of Dr. Kaseki, a world-renowned paleontologist. With that in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's been fascinated by dinosaurs for as long as he can remember - his favorite being none other than the king himself: Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Similar to Shiku, Ryuu's favorite dino is featured on his clothes. There is a T-Rex head on his bandana while the little button on his chest depicts the iconic two-fingered claws.

As for the general design of his clothes, it is based on classic Jurassic Park action figures from the 90's by Kenner. Specifically from The Lost World. I'm really satisfied with the way he looks, so I doubt anything will change once I start working on his actual sprites.

The origins behind his name are a little more complex than in Shiku's case. His family name  峡 may be pronounced "hazama" (Valley, Ravine), but that's a more uncommon reading for it. "Kyou" would usually be the first thing that would come to mind.

"Ryuunosuke" is comprised of 龍 "ryuu" (Dragon) as well as 之介 "nosuke", a rather old-fashioned way to end a boy's name, similar to 太郎 "tarou".

So, if you go by Japanese name order, starting with the family name, use the more common reading for  峡 and then cut off 之介 from his first name, you get: Kyou Ryuu. And "Kyouryuu" (恐竜 ) is the Japanese term for "dinosaur".

When I tried to come up with a name for him, I really started the other way around, though. I took the word "kyouryuu" and from there began playing around with kanji, trying to create a name that would sound natural and not immediately give away the idea behind it. And eventually, I ended up with Ryuunosuke Hazama.

There isn't really anything else I can (or rather want) to say for now, so I guess I'll wrap it up right here. Next thing I'll post will be the finished Halloween artwork, although there may be another little thing I might share on Halloween, so please look forward to that!

Until then, take care! :3