GENBA Suspect Character Design #3
We're getting close to the end of November now, so it's time to introduce the next suspect for GENBA no Kizuna's murder case: the paleobotanist Amber Harding!

Amber is more interested in the environment dinosaurs lived in rather than dinosaurs themselves. What did prehistoric forests look like? What kind of plants did herbivorous dinosaurs eat? Stuff like that. If you take a look at the first background image of the game, you can see that the place is decorated with lots of plants. That's actually all Amber's doing, haha. 

As for her design, it is mostly based on the character Ellie Sattler from the first Jurassic Park (which should be especially obvious through her clothing style). More specifically the book version of Ellie, which was described as a 24-year old, darkly tanned woman with blonde hair.

I've always had a thing for darker skin tones and from the very beginning knew that I wanted one character's design to revolve around "amber", so... I figured instead of blonde, I could go with orange. After playing around with the skin tone and hair color a little, I eventually ended up with what you can see above. Of course, given the amber theme, not only did I have to give her orange eyes, but also some pieces of amber as accessories. I personally really like how she turned out.

Unlike with Shiku and Ryuunosuke, I doubt I need to say much about her name, haha. "Amber" is pretty straightforward. As for "Harding", it's a common name in the Jurassic franchise. The guy taking care of the sick Triceratops in the first movie was named Harding, and so was one of the main characters in The Lost World. You even play as the Harding family in the Jurassic Park Telltale game. So it's really just another Jurassic reference (though it also sounds reminiscent of "hardening", which is what happens to tree sap before it actually becomes amber, so I thought that's fun, too).

As one might expect with such a name, Amber wasn't born in Japan. She came over from the US to study under Ryuunosuke's grandfather, Dr. Kaseki. But that will be all I'll say about her for now.

Anyway, that leaves only one more suspect, which I will introduce to you at the end of December, so please look forward to that!