So, one of my normal activities include going to Gencon every year. Last year, I wasn't updating as regularly or frequently, so it was a non-issue, but since I am updating regularly and frequently, I want to do things differently for the upcoming Gencon.

For those of you who do not know, Gencon is a tabletop gaming convention held about 13 hours west of New York City, via drive, in Indianapolis, Indiana. It's one of the few conventions I consistently go to on a yearly basis. For me, it's usually a solid 7-day trip, so I would need to prepare in advance... for many reasons. In particular, I'm keeping an increased upload schedule of the summer months to maybe drum up a little interest towards my channel. XD

So here's the dilemma: I'm just not sure if I should keep my normal recordings and record in advance, or if I should have special recordings specifically for my period of absence. I have a group of friends I consult specifically for these things, and I also have the CAN Team I can ask for advice from~ We'll see. I'll probably make an announcement closer to Gencon's actual dates.

Anyway, this is animefanrk2k. See ya~