Gene Key Cycle for Jupiter next 13 months
On another Archetypal and Genetic Level we can look at Jupiter going through Scorpio from the lens of the Gene Keys.

The Gene Keys we will be passing through at this time are 50th, 28th,44th, 1st,43rd,and 14th.

Collective Immune System, Instincts and Intuition, Existential Being In The Now, Move Past The Relationships That No Longer Serve Us, Mainly The Fears In Our Mind

Forming The New Collective Intelligence

A lot of Scorpio has to do with relationships, karmic interaction, raw creative and mutative energy that evolves and awakens our DNA to become more powerful through collective intelligence rather than as individuals. For three quarters of this 13 month Cycle we are about to enter into Jupiter will be in gates that are connected to the Splenic Center. 

To See More about what this means read this post on the Splenic Center ( ). 

The Basic Keynotes of this center are instincts, health, relationships, our immune system, and our primal existential awareness that exists in the NOW.  What does this mean on a personal level? It means to pay close attention to these energies because Jupiter will bring an abundance and its electric nature to them.

Our brain was a collective evolutionary advancement of the Splenic Center. The Splenic Center exists to keep a level of awareness always present in our external environment so that we can survive. The brain is an extension of this that exists to use fear to keep us safe. Giving power to these fear frequencies often create the chaotic environment we experience. Why do you think there is starting to be more and more fear based programming all over the news, media, and seemingly more than normal natural events causing destruction? We have been in the 50th Gene Key area now for the past few months. We are being asked to transcend these fears not by repressing them becoming submissive or hiding, nor would we want to ignore them by staying so busy and risk-taking so that we don’t have to face them. There is a collective purging and cleaning of the planetary immune system…Which seems to be humanity itself…We are the Earths Lympthatic System.   We will be offered the chance to take our fears, confront them and transmute them. We can do this by TRUSTING life and its process. We can trust in life when we can leave the mind behind as the an authority and use it for communication, research, and for the other. If we can communicate our fears, it can actually help us to connect with others and come together as the unified collective organism that is evolving on the planet right now. How many times have you talked to someone about a fear you were having and simply taking to them about it resolved what may have become a relationship or life disaster.

We have spoken on this topic before, because we are witnessing this so much right now. New groups of mutated and more evolved portions of humanity are surrendering to the innovative and playful frequencies of the 50th Gene Keys programming partner right now which is the 3rd Gene Key. Great Examples of these evolving collective projects are Collective Evolution, NooMap, New Earth Solutions, Humans Unifying Global Solutions, Grant Coin, United Earth, Triple Bottom Line Marketing, Humanity Healing and many more. The 3rd Gene Key just happens to be where Uranus is retrograde right now. This is yet another Electric energy in Aries that is helping drive the birthing of many more evolved ways of living, This is especially apparent in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Benefit Start Ups that are growing right alongside the Crypto movement. Creatively coined Decentralized Autonomous Organizations…..The 50th Gene Key Traditionally is called the Cauldron.

The 50th Gene Key has to do with unconsciousness fears that corrupt our DNA. The 50th key has to do with the transcription of RNA to DNA. One a level up within the fractal this means a corruption in the hierarchy.  In order to help transmute these fears, we can find an energy work practice that allows us to work to transmute this energy directly at the casual level this is an excellent time to explore the inner energy arts. If this is something you need help with please contact me as it's something we have studied for many years.

Moving into the 28th Gene Key Next, again this is more about facing our fears. The fear of this Archetype is rooted in the fear of Death. When fears are faced, they do not go away, what happens is that we accept them with grace as an important aspect of ourselves then we transmute the relationship into a healthy one rather than a destructive one.  This is ringing of Carlos Castaneda's words of making fear our most trusted advisor. The ultimate way to transcend our fear of death is the resolving of our conflict of internal and external. When we come to a knowing that all we see is all one being. How can this one being be "against us" ? Only if we have made ourselves against it….This genetic mutation is moving nucleus or "control center" from the brain, into the Solar Plexus, the shared membrane of our individual cells. Another way to do this is by cultivating practices that tap us into our individual authorities.

We want to make something very clear at this point in the post. Externalizations of gods, governments, religions, sciences, and any things similar to this are all stemming from the same place. When we are giving our decision making ability to the MIND, we give our beings true power away to an "external power" because the mind has only meant to be a TOOL, not the decision maker. All these controlling factors are a trickle down in the fractal. We give away our sovereignty by not tapping into our inner being, which is actually at all times tapped into the collective universal source most high etc etc. The reason we have trouble doing this is because when we identify with the mind as being our identity, the surrender to the inner authority is a DEATH. Thus facing the fear of death. But the truth is, humanity will only survive by evolving to this next level of collective intelligence.

From Organizations To Organs

Next we move into the 44th Gene Key. In traditional ICHING this is called Coming To Meet. Again  this is a spleenic centered awareness. This archetype is all about karmic ties, or the natural collective intelligence imbedded in all of our DNA that causes us to meet and connect with certain people and relationships in our life. This is deeply connected with the idea of there being certain bloodlines that control humanity. This is because there is a greater connective living intelligence in nature that brings certain people into your life to help evolve both you and the collective.

This also means that we must be willing to be aware and stay present to feel if those who are around us are right for us or not. When we live from a fear frequency we ignore the signs, reject them and keep repeating the same harmful patterns over and over again. We often judge the experiences life gives us, rather than seeing the inherent gift an meaning imbedded in them. The highest aspects of this 44th gene key will see humanity being so deeply connected as a living intelligence that there will no longer be the need for governments. A true collective hierarchy. We are already seeing the beginnings of this with systems like Sociocracy and Holocracy being integrated in to new group decision making models. We are leaving the pathological hierarchy's behind.  What many think and fear that is some sort of controlling elite trying to stop all this is simply portions of our DNA that we must simply burn up and transmute. Left over fear programming embedded from more primitive times.

Finally the end of this 13 month cycle we move from the Splenic Center, into the G-Center. The root of our love, identity, and direction.  The 1st gene key is all about tapping into the primal masculine creative force that brings beauty into this world. The shadow side of the frequency is entropy or the measure of disorder within a controlled system…But what if there is no controlled system? This gives us a clue into transmuting this shadow. We can go into deep states of depression many times in life when we all of a sudden don’t feel the inspiration or beauty in the world. THIS TOO must be accepted and realized as part of the process. It is out of these moments that we can give ourselves space to allow the higher creative genius to be born again.

After so much of this cycle being about gathering together into a more collective intelligence, I feel that Jupiter passing into this space we will see that some important moves and shifts have been made, at least for this phase. We will be organized into new groups, feeling much more connected to life and the organizations and social circles we will find ourselves in. Having moved through the fears and being connected to those very karmic relationships we are meant to be with. Those of use that are doing the work will feel creative and inspired to bring a beauty and promethean fire in the world that has not been seen in a long time. This will be much like a passing of the torch. From old broken systems to new more organic harmonious ones. There will still be much work ahead. Having been emptied of so many of the controlling fears of the mind, and seeing the death of the dominating personality of control. This work though will be much more like play to this more connected collective being.

Finally at the end of this cycle we get to the 14th Gene Key. The Keeper of the Keys in Human Design. Connected to the 2nd Gate, which is the direction of humanity and that of the planet itself. The shadow of this energy is called compromise. This concerns the people we work with, the way we work, and the choice of work we do. When we follow the mind and live from a state of fear, we can often settle for doing work that secretly hate because we believe the fears of the mind. There will of course be portions of the collective body that may still be at this shadow frequency, but for those portions that have ridden the transformative wave during the first portions of this transit, we will see great gifts bestowed. The fuel to really give life to the projects, and organizations that came into being from these transits. This fuel may be in the form of personal creative sexual fire from the sacral, or it may even be financial abundance coming from the new financial systems manifesting in cryptocurrencies to power this new organism.

Jupiter is a very electrical With Jupiter passing through these portals of energy it means we can see lots of insights, opportunity for wisdom if we embody what we learn, but also the dark side of arrogance and pride. So let's begin this journey surrendering with open hearts, giving our authority to the place inside us that is always tapped into universal knowing and being.

This can be a powerful time for healing, improving, and transforming. With Scorpio, there is transformation. We’re not interested in band-aid fixes, and we’re more willing than usual to enter into a crisis so that we can effect change. Middle of the road is no longer attractive to us at this time. Themes include sex, money, and power, as well as death and rebirth, and we can be particularly fascinated with these topics during Jupiter’s thirteen-month transit of Scorpio.

Especially for those that are heavily Scorpionic- You will be blessed by Jupiter during this 13 month