Gene Sequencing in Space
One of the key themes in the Ogg-Nat War stories is how Martians and Selenians, through intentional genetic changes to head off or cure space illnesses, drift from Terran norms.With a device like the MinION,  it's entirely possible for the changes to be gradual.Story-wise, that's a bit of a problem, if only because my presumption was that we wouldn't be able to easily check genetics. Without ubiquitous gene sequencing, space health catastrophes would be inevitable, and they would lead to cataloging the genome of a majority of non-Terrans, and analyzing the data to find genetic cures.But now there's no real reason for this to reach catastrophic levels. If you can plug a device the size of a candy bar into a laptop and extract a full genome from your sample in minutes, today, imagine how good we'll be at it by the time the first colonies leave for other worlds.  Should genetic editing also become scaled down significantly, then my catastrophe scenario suddenly seems unlikely.Given MinION has been a thing for a couple years now, this is my failing, in not doing my research first.Still, it's early days. I can make some adjustments to the general shape of the story.But I will need to figure out what actually happened at Malapert, then. A riot over a lack of health care might still be in the cards, but it wouldn't be due to ignorance of the conditions.