General Status Update

Another post where I did not plan ahead. 

After my post on Monday I painted, colored on some wood, did not get enough sleep, took care of a sick spouse, and have gotten the spouses cold.  It has been a pretty busy three days.

I had some ideas yesterday about post topics, but I just could not focus long enough to write anything substantial.   I could not focus on much of anything.  I could not read more than a few pages of a book.  Watching a movie was out of the question, I could barely make it through an episode of whatever show I was trying to watch (NCIS I think.)

I did do a bunch of sketching yesterday.  I drew a bunch of eyes with the iris and pupil in different positions.  It was fun to just scribble away without worrying about where the lines went or how it looked.  I even tried eyes looking down (like the person is reading) and up.  I doodled some feathers and stars as well, but I filled a few pages with eyes.

If I could focus long enough I might try to draw some people poses. Maybe tonight.

I did the above work by coloring in the grain with pencil crayon (coloured pencil to a lot of you out there.)  Then I painted the knots with acrylic paints to make the moon and stars.  I painted a few trees and the birds and called it done, before I over did it.  I have two more that I already colored.  I will be painting on them soon.