General Update #1 "Thank you!"
Hello there people!!!

First of all, thank you so, so much to those who have joined this Patreon the very first day it's been up. I had planned to work on it and tweak it for a couple of days, but I didn't count on anyone jumping on board in less that 24 hours!!!

Just going to update you on a couple of things: 

First, I have been advised by a friend to change any rewards that had to do with raffles, since it goes against Patreon's policy and I missed that bit entirely. I substituted them with new ideas that I hope you guys like.

Last, but not less important: THIS IS A "NOT SAFE FOR WORK" PATREON. Please only support me if you are 18 or above, which is the legal limit in the US.  Pertinent warnings will be posted with each upload, but bear in mind the art I'll post here will sometimes contain nudity, violence, sexual situations and the odd taboo relationship (in this case it being the Stan/Ford ship Stancest from Gravity Falls)

I will do my best to start uploading content and finish tweaking the Patreon rewards and threads as soon as possible. This has caught me a bit by surprise, but I already have a couple of ideas I think you will like.

Once again, thank you so much for joining so soon and those who spread the word across the Internet, you have my eternal gratitude.

Now excuse me while I lie down for tonight and contemplate on my life choices.

Talk to you all soon!


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Awesome sauce!
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Precious beans!
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Cool cats!
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